Thursday, March 3, 2016

How to Plan for Unexpected Spring Weather on Your Big Day

So you’ve settled on the perfect date for your wedding. And it’s in the middle of spring!  The flowers will be out, the birds will be chirping, and wedding bells will be ringing—you just can’t wait until your big day arrives! But have you thought about how you’re going to plan around the weather?

Oh yeah! When it comes to spring, there are a variety of weather patterns you’ll have to watch out for. So get started now. Don’t let unexpected spring weather crash the party on your big day. We have some tips to help you plan for the best and prepare for the worst when it comes to unexpected spring weather.  

Avoidance #1: Rain

When people say make sure you plan for unexpected weather, one of the first things people think about is rain. And rightfully so. Rain is always the biggest unexpected guest to show up at your wedding. So be prepared to not let rain wash away your happy moments!

Set aside money in your budget for a tent or extra umbrellas. They’ll come in handy when you’re trying to enjoy your day. Besides, wedding pictures under umbrellas are the new trendy look.

Avoidance #2: Wind

Everyone prays for a cool breeze to blow through their venue during their outside wedding, but no one asks for the winds of a thousand hurricanes to tumble through. Wind has the potential to blow your entire wedding away if you don’t weigh anything down. From your hair, to the dresses, to the programs, wind can certainly ruin a happy moment.

Secure everything with zip ties, make sure the tent stakes are deep in the ground, and that anything paper is weighed down with a paperweight. The extra precautions you take will be worth it.

Avoidance #3: Sun

Just like a cool breeze, everyone wishes the sun will make an appearance on their big day. But not so much sun that it scorches anything left uncovered.

To beat the heat, plan for the hottest summer day imaginable, which means rent a tent, buy sunglasses and sunscreen, and install fans and parasols throughout the venue. Everyone wants to party and have a good time—not melt in the heat. And trust us, when it comes to wedding dresses and tuxedos, you’ll want somewhere to cool off.

Avoidance #4: Cold

Spring is one of those seasons where it could be warm one day, and wintry cold the next. And it can even happen within the same day, with the evening sending chilly temperatures your way. So it’s best to plan for the heat, as well as the cold. Most of your guests might not think to grab a light jacket when it’s warm around noon, but they’ll need it when the sun goes down.

Plan to have heat lamps set up, a nice cozy bonfire, or plenty of blankets to go around. These items will keep your guests warm, but also make for pretty candid shots for you to look back on. And hey, while you’re at it with the bonfire—why not make s'mores?

Avoidance #5: Bugs

So yes, we know that bugs aren’t necessarily unexpected weather, but they are unexpected (uninvited) guests. No one enjoys a creepy crawly walking across the table—or their food. And don’t get me started on itchy bug bites or bee stings.

Provide your guests with all-natural bug spray or lavender essential oils. They’re not as harsh smelling as other types of bug repellants, but are still packed with all the protecting power you’ll want.

Isn’t planning for unexpected spring weather fun? Although you can’t stop the weather from happening, all you need to fight it from taking over your big day is a little bit of planning. And we hope our tips helped you start thinking about weather preparations!

Have you had to deal with bad weather at a wedding? If so, let us know in the comment section below or share it with us on our Facebook page.

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