Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting tech-sy at PlannerTech

For those of you who could not attend or simply may not be aware, happening today in NYC is the the premier Event Tech Conference and Showcase - PlannerTech.

Presented by Liz King Events, PlannerTech's goal is to educate professionals in the event industry on how technology can be strategically implemented to improve the efficiency of events and/or have a lasting impact on event guests. It's a great product and one that continues to grow each year.

In addition to educational speakers, PlannerTech partners with many exhibitors who can showcase their new event tech. While Inspherio is an outstanding tool for the beginning-to-end planning process, there are several other great tools you can utilize that offer other creative services once the event begins. For example, CoatChex is the first and only digital ticketless coat/bag service; they've taken a traditional service and made it more efficient using technology.

Inspherio uses the same concept. We've taken what you already do and made it much more efficient. Instead of scribbling down information on notepads, sticky notes, spreadsheets, and emails, Inspherio allows you to keep all your information organized in one central, web-based location. Instead of having to create, amend, fax, and sign client contracts, Inspherio automatically generates it for you and allows both you and your client to digitally sign. Instead of you forgetting whether or not that invoice has been sent or the payment received, Inspherio will act as your personal assistant and keep track of each lead or event's status. Not to mention, like most of the other event techs, we are completely mobile for your iPhone or Android.

For more information on PlannerTech, its speakers, and exhibitors, check out PlannerTech.com. If you want to follow everything going on, or if you are attending and want to share what you've learned, utilize hashtags #plannertech and #techsytalk.

And as always, check Inspherio and its benefits and sign-up for a 30-day free trial!

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